Sunday, 13 June 2010

Brighton Marina

I'm trying to blog all of my fishing trips from now on.

Got to the marina about 1pm, fished the East Arm bay 28. 2 Rods. Started with one baited with rag/squid cocktail and the other with feathers. Caught loads of mackerel and got tired of it, so decided to go for mini-species down the wall using very small hooks and rag. First foul hooked a Pouting or Poorcod, cant tell at that size. Then got a Ballan, then Bullhead, several shannys and a Corkwing. Decided to try baited size 6 Hokkais to get something different, but got more mackerel. Left at about 6pm. Nothing wanted my rag/squid at range all day.

Species count for the 2010 is now 25.
See them all here

Atlantic Mackerel - Scomber scombrus
My first mackerel for the year.

Ballan Wrasse - Labrus bergylta
First Ballan Wrasse for 2010

Corkwing Wrasse - Symphodus melops
First Corkwing Wrasse for 2010

Shanny - Lipophrys pholis
First Shanny for 2010. (Black form)

Shanny - Lipophrys pholis
Another Shanny (Standard form)

Longspined Bullhead - Taurulus bubalis
First Bullhead for the year.

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